Hydraulics at the service of manufacturers,
distributors and end users

Thanks to the experience gained as technical partners and retailers of hydraulic components, we are currently proud to work with end users, OEMs, manufacturers and maintenance firms in all industrial sectors that need to manage fluids within hydraulic systems and machines.

Our team is manned exclusively by qualified technicians, and supports each and every customer with due care and attention, assisting them in their choice of the most suitable components. Moreover, thanks to our in-house design & engineering team, we are able to assist companies in creating customised hydraulic solutions, while the Kanban logistics team guarantees a consistent supply of components to avoid production downtimes at the facilities of our partners.

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Experience is key to finding effective solutions that can be adapted to meet the demands of each specific sector. Our technical team is able to evaluate the application demands and recommend the most suitable components and hydraulic systems. Thanks to over 25 years working in this sector, today we are able to satisfy the demands of manufacturers, maintenance firms, OEMs and end users in all industrial sectors that use hydraulic systems, including:

Hydraulic systems are present in almost all industrial machines that manage fluids during the various processes, such as machine tools, plastic moulding systems, industrial washing plants, chemical plants, iron and steel plants, cement works. In these sectors our technical support plays a key role in the design and realisation of customised hydraulic units, but also in the after-sales support and assistance services to machine manufacturers, maintenance firms and end users with technical advice, testing and inspection and scheduled cleaning services.

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We supply valves, hoses, filters, fittings, motors and pumps designed for agricultural machinery, earth moving systems and road work machinery, including forklifts, elevators and shipyard forklifts. We design hydraulic units based on the actual requirements of the application and work alongside the machine manufacturers, end-users and technicians providing final testing services, flexible cleaning services, customised components and Kanban logistics.

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As regards to the industrial cooling sector, in addition to the supply of fittings, pumps, motors and filters, we are also specialised in the supply of stainless steel hoses that can be customised and fitted in our  welding department. In addition, we also provide after-sales services to the industrial cooling sector with final testing and cleaning services, technical service both at our facilities and those of our customers, along with dedicated logistics support by means of our Kanban management system.

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We are able to work alongside machine manufacturers, maintenance firms and end users supplying top brands of components, motors and pumps, as well as solutions tailored specifically to boost the efficiency of drilling systems, mineral mining systems and on-shore and off-shore oil extraction and drilling systems. Also in the extraction and mining sector, we provide services at our fitting department, with final testing and customisation of components and the use of the Kanban logistics system to guarantee timely and regular deliveries.

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Our experience in the hydraulic sector allows us to work with manufacturers, maintenance firms and end users of all types of vehicles, from the components for the railway and aeronautic sectors, to hydraulic solutions for industrial and agricultural vehicles, special vehicles and military vehicles. In addition to the supply of components such as hoses, fittings, motors, pumps and filters, for the transport sector we also provide technical support, customisation of components, Kanban logistics and timely after-sales service that includes final testing, scheduled maintenance and cleaning services.

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We have a wide range of hydraulic components and devices in our warehouses, which are used by construction machinery, robotic systems and industrial plants in general. Thanks to the Kanban logistics system, we can also guarantee timely and consistent supplies of the most commonly used components to manufacturers, maintenance firms and end-users, whilst our technical department guarantees all the pre and after-sales service they may need.

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