Training of young people first and foremost, including in sports activities

Sae Flex believes in continuous improvement and training, which is why it is proud to sponsor training activities for youngsters. Find out how.

Sport is one of the key activities for the growth of an individual. Playing and fun, teaches that commitment and continuous training are the way to go towards achieving goals that are beyond imagination.

Commitment and improvement are also the key cornerstones of  Sae Flex’s philosophy, which is why we are proud to dedicate part of our turnover to sponsor activities related to the world of sport and therefore the training of the younger generation

In the previous season, Sae Flex dedicated its attention to winter and mountain based sports, an obstacle and at the same time a trusted partner from which there is much to learn.

Thanks to the collaboration with Ponte di Legno Ski School it sponsored the activities promoted by the school in the winter months.

The ski courses held by Ponte di Legno Ski School are run by professional skiers who, with passion and dedication, train smaller and older children teaching them the techniques and secrets of this sport.

And it is the sharing of such knowledge that allows our society to evolve day after day, both in sport and work activities.

Good luck to all the youngsters who are wearing skis for the first time and to those who already know how to ski, but who want to improve their skills: this is the perfect spirit with which to face everyday life, both for kids and adults!

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