Sae Flex for Feralpi Monteclarense

Believe in youngsters, investing in their training, conveying commitment, reliability and consistency are the core values of our company, this is why we carefully select the sports clubs we support to ensure they share these principles and see them as their raison d’etre even before their goals and successes.

The Feralpi Monteclarense cycling club is one of these.

In a scenario such as the cycling world, where too often clubs strive to achieve their goals the easy way, with shortcuts that endanger the health of the athletes, Feralpi Monteclarense firmly believes in a cycling world based on regulations and hard work, where goals are achieved with grit and determination and where sport becomes a life-style in addition to a form of leisure.

We are convinced that continuous training on the job, as well as in sport, is the only way to achieve concrete and lasting results, and this is why we invest in the training of youngsters and chose to support a cycling team that sees commitment as one of its cornerstones, as declared by the cycling club in its own presentation:  “If a shortcut can lead to a result, only commitment can lead to satisfaction, in sport and in everyday life.”

We wish all the athletes the best of luck for the coming season and the goals, both personal and professional, they will achieve in the future thanks to this experience in the cycling world.

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