The new Sae Flex site is on line

The new Sae Flex website was published this morning where visitors can discover more about our ranges, services, products and get all the latest updates on the hydraulic world.

One of the cornerstones of the Sae Flex philosophy is the attention it pays to customer demands, for this reason the new website has been designed to act as a portal where you can find products and services for the hydraulic sector.

Browsing the pages gives viewers a complete overview of the Sae Flex products and services and the opportunity to contact our offices to receive support on how to choose the most suitable product for each application, but there is also more.

Here’s a quick look at the new sections available on the website

Sae Flex Services

The support provided by Sae Flex for the hydraulic sector goes way beyond selling the best brands of materials and components.

The technical staff provides a complete hydraulic service both at the Sae Flex headquarters in Adro and directly at the customer’s premises, the fitting centre guarantees rubber hoses complete with pressed fittings, the welding centre assembles TIG welded fittings on steel hoses and the final testing and inspection centre deals with product certification along with the flushing and pickling of hoses.

Thanks to the new Sae Flex website, viewers can access details on all the services and contact the commercial offices directly for a free quote.

The range of products and brands

The area dedicated to the products presents an overview of the range of brands and products available.

This section is still under development and by the end of 2021 will include all the product on-line catalogues, to allow customers to view the ranges online and, if necessary, request the support of our commercial offices by phone or email, without having to travel to Adro.

Sae Flex values

The Company Profile section is dedicated to the values that have led Sae Flex to become a benchmark enterprise in the hydraulic sector.

Quality, attention to customer demands, but also investments in human resources and new technologies are just a few of the key cornerstones of Sae Flex, currently one of the benchmark firms in the Italian hydraulic industry.

Sector news

An entire section of the new website is dedicated to hydraulic sector news, with updates available on new products and services provided by Sae Flex, scheduled trade fairs and sponsored projects, along with tips and insights on the future of the sector, to avoid being left out on a limb when facing new challenges with the tangible support of a service such as that provided by Sae Flex.

Discover the new Sae Flex website and join our community dedicated to hydraulics.

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