Design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems: Rexoil becomes Sae Flex

Rexoil, a renowned company operating in the pneumatic and hydraulic sector, underwent merger by incorporation by Sae Flex to deliver an even more comprehensive service.

As of 1 January 2023, the merger by incorporation of Rexoil Oleodinamica Srl by Sae Flex Srl became operational and now all the services provided by the Modena based company are included in our range of hydraulic operations. How does this affect our customers? Here are the advantages that companies who depend on us to service their hydraulic and pneumatic systems can rely on.

1- A sole point of contact

With the merger by incorporation of Rexoil by Sae Flex, companies now have a sole point of contact for system designs, spare parts supply and support services. Moreover, by combining our in-house management systems, stock availability and maintenance interventions are now organised in a more precise and accurate manner.

2- A widespread network across the territory

By combining the management of Sae Flex’s historic headquarters in Adro, Brescia and the plant facility formerly owned by Rexoil in Modena, we have a more widespread presence across the territory and we are able to offer support services throughout Northern and Central Italy both at our two headquarters and at the premises of our customers.

3- A sophisticated system design and engineering service

The merger by incorporation of Rexoil allows us to integrate hydraulic and pneumatic system design services, in order to provide companies with bespoke solutions for their production processes without foregoing the use of premium brand components, a key feature of the service provided by Sae Flex.

4- Pneumatic systems

At Sae Flex we specialise in servicing and supplying components for hydraulic systems. As a result of the merger by incorporation of Rexoil, we can now also provide design and support services for pneumatic systems, expanding our fields of expertise whilst guaranteeing the superior level of attention and quality that distinguishes us.

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