Sae Flex accompanies Feralpisalò’s promotion to Serie B

Discover the values we share with the “Leoni del Garda” and why we are so proud of the team and the club for achieving their long-standing goal. Read more

Our company has been supporting sports and social projects on the territory for years, to promote values that go beyond the hydraulic components market and make us a reference point for future generations. This year we sponsored Feralpisalò which, with 19 wins and two matches in hand, has been promoted to Serie B for next year’s football league. Being promoted to Serie B means so much to players and fans alike, but it also represents the victory of the values and principles that act as a fil rouge between us and the club. These values are:

Unity as a common goal

Feralpisalò achieved its goal because it was shared between the club, players, sponsors and fans. The collaboration of all concerned has been key to achieving the promotion to the highly coveted Serie B, and that’s something we try to do in our company too: working together to achieve increasingly more important goals.

The desire to push the boundaries

Setting one’s sights high. It is with this mantra that the “Leoni del Garda” squad won its promotion game after game, and this is what we repeat to our collaborators, to act as a knowledgeable and competent hydraulic partner on the market which is always ready to deliver innovative solutions.


Feralpisalò’s promotion is the result of many years of hard training and at Sae Flex we know just how important constant commitment is to achieving one’s goals, both in sport and in work and in life.

Our CEO Angelo Medici had spoken about commitment and perseverance at the beginning of the championship league and with this result we are infinitely proud of what we have achieved in the last year.

Read the interview with our CEO in October 2022

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