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This year we are celebrating 30 years in the industry and we revealed the secrets of this milestone to the Siderweb microphones. Read the interview with the CEO Angelo Medici.

In October Sae Flex will blow out 30 candles on its anniversary cake and, although our values have remained the same, we are no longer the company we were back in 1993. Over the years, the market, the technologies, the demands of our customers have changed and, in order to accomplish steady growth, both in terms of revenue and company size, we have had to evolve, but without changing our core essence. Our CEO Angelo Medici was interviewed by Siderweb and summarised the key points behind this growth and the values that allowed us to expand our horizons without forgoing what we firmly believe in. Here they are in more detail.

Technology at the service of hydraulics

Looking to the future and investing in new technologies: this is the secret to our success. Since 1993, we have witnessed a remarkable revolution in technological aspects, and at Sae Flex we’ve viewed these changes as an opportunity to invest in more advanced state-of-the-art systems. From vertical warehouses to diagnostics systems, from customisation to customer care services, every year we have listened to the demands of our customers and expanded our range of services to become a key point of reference for over 1,300 customers who rely on us for their hydraulic servicing and components.

People and trust, first and foremost

We have acquired an important role on the Italian hydraulic market also because we value people. The mutual esteem and trust that is created with everyone who comes into contact with Sae Flex has allowed us to count on strong and lasting partnerships with our customers, but also upstream with our hydraulic component suppliers, to guarantee premium quality products and services.

Furthermore, we also depend on and have faith in our younger employees, investing in instruction and training. Over recent years we are witnessing a process of generational transition and, unlike many other enterprises, we view this passing of the baton as an opportunity to take a leap forward towards the market of tomorrow, with the difficulties, but also all the advantages that this brings.

Collaboration and partnerships

Looking to the future, we realised some time ago that simply supplying replacement parts wasn’t sufficient to maintain our growth trend. This is why we decided to expand the services which started back in 1993, first with the hydraulic service followed by a series of collaborations with other enterprises in the industry that have allowed us to expand our range of services on several different fronts. Our collaboration with Rexoil is a fine example: the company from Modena, merged by incorporation, consolidated our presence in the Emilia region and expands our services to include the custom design of hydraulic systems and tyres, a service that we could not have provided without this type of investment.

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