Our fitting centre is Parker certified

Quality is always rewarding. Sae Flex is now a Parker certified fitting centre.

Find out what we can do to supply rubber hoses complete with fittings.

Attention to quality is one of the key cornerstones of Sae Flex.

For this reason a fitting centre has been established at the Adro headquarters which allows customers to receive custom made hose assemblies carefully produced by highly specialised personnel.

The Sae Flex fitting centre assembles pressure fittings on rubber hoses using state-of-the-art machinery to guarantee accuracy, tightness and duration over time.

All interventions meet the standards required by EN ISO 9001:2015 and are now also certified by Parker, an international company specialised in the production of rubber hoses for the hydraulic sector.

Parker certification is not the end of the journey, but an incentive to continue along a quality based route, offering customers increasingly higher performing solutions.

Thanks to the Parker certification, our efforts have been rewarded and the Sae Flex fitting centre can guarantee fittings assembled to top workmanship standards, according to the specifications dictated by one of the best international manufacturers of rubber hoses.

Furthermore, the Sae Flex fitting centre at the Adro headquarters, also customises the ring nuts with punching or laser markings on every hose.

As required by the standard, the fitted hoses are supplied with the month and year of production and operating pressure of the weakest component, but also with seals or markings, which make it easier to identify each hose and meet specific commercial or application requirements.

Sae Flex Certificato Parker

Discover the Sae Flex fitting centre

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