A hydraulic service that optimises intervention times

Our hydraulic system support service is unique in its kind as we are the only enterprise that can intervene directly at your own facility with immediate technical support, with no waste of time and no extended machine downtimes.

The quality of the hydraulic service provided by Sae Flex is the result of years of experience in the field and is made possible by direct collaborations with the manufacturing firms.

We have direct relations with the main international firms operating in the hydraulic component manufacturing sector, with Parker and Bosch Rexroth topping the list.

This allows us to stock a wide range of components and replacement parts, that we bring with us during every intervention to reduce work times and instantly replace any worn parts.

A team of experts at your complete disposal

Our hydraulic service is manned by expert qualified technicians, who know exactly how to intervene to solve every type of problem that a system can encounter. Moreover, they are able to give you immediate useful advice and support you in future routine maintenance activities with training courses tailored to suit your staff and your production requirements.

Suitable portable instruments and equipment

When we conduct a hydraulic service intervention, we travel with all the necessary portable instruments and equipment to perform tests and inspections directly at your facility, without the need to move any of the systems.

An example of this approach is the sophisticated Parker Service Master Easy, a portable instrument connected to the flow measuring turbine that enables the testing and inspection of a pump that is running, without the need to move it from its place within the system.

Avoid machine downtimes and useless lead times.

The Sae Flex hydraulic service means you can have your system checked without having to transport it to a service centre.

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