Why customise rubber hoses

Customising rubber hoses, and more specifically the ring nuts, offers considerable advantages both in terms of image and ease of use. Here are the main ones.

By contacting the Sae Flex fitting centre it is possible to request the supply of rubber hoses complete with press fittings and customised ring nuts.

This allows customers to receive complete hydraulic hoses, carefully manufactured and ready to assemble.

Moreover, thanks to a punching or laser marking process, it is possible to customise each hose with identification codes and abbreviations to obtain:

Customisation of rubber hoses as foreseen by the laws in force

Current legislation for hydraulic systems requires that the ring nuts on flexible hoses must indicate the logo of the assembler, the month and year of production, and the operating pressure of the weakest component.

Carrying out such punching or laser marking operations in the Sae Flex fitting centre, this information is engraved during the manufacturing of the actual hoses, assuring customers that they will receive hydraulic components that comply with the current regulations in force.

Ease of identification of rubber hoses

Identification codes and additional information can be provided on the rubber hose ring nuts for ease of installation and maintenance.

The customisation of the rubber hoses, therefore, facilitates all subsequent operations which, if hoses are not marked during production, could become difficult and chaotic.

Rubber hoses that boost the image on the market

The customisation of the rubber hoses also represents an added value from a commercial point of view, because customers can choose to indicate logos and contact information directly on the ring nuts.

This makes it easy to identify the manufacturer of the hydraulic system or the company that performs maintenance services, boosting its image on the market and facilitating brand promotion activities for the commercial and marketing departments.

Request the rubber hose ring nut punching or laser marking customisation service

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